I made a mobile version of Docking. You can download it on this link Docking - The Game . Hope you like it! <3


Little game based on the Interstellar Docking Scene submited for the Movie Game Jam. Hint: Press W to aproach the Endurance. The space ship has to be perfectly aligned with the space station to win the game xD it's kinda hard. You are warned xD Hint2: It works better at full screen or downloading the exe file (smoothness is important to align the spaceship with the space station) Hope you like it!!


Gamedev: Adrián Alameda (Unity3d)

PixelArt: Adrián Alameda (Aseprite and PyxelEdit)

Music: Original SoundTrack: Hans Zimmer. I used an arrangement from (AustinAvocado), and gave it an 8-bit style with magical8bit plugin :D



  • v1.2: Mobile version added to the main page
  • v1.1: Improved Performance on Web Browser
  • v1.0: Initial version
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(9 total ratings)
Made withUnity
Tags2D, 8-Bit, docking, interstellar, moviegamejam, Pixel Art, Retro, Sci-fi, Space, Unity


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Yay, I saved the human race.

The mechanics of how the ship moves are definitly hard to get used to but once you understand it you're met with the other challenge of actually executing the docking. So damn hard and yet, quite satisfying when you actually begin pulling it off. It feels great not only when you dock but also when you think you're about to crash but your mastery of video games saves you and the ship.

Of course I had to pay for this. I must see more games built with similarly unique gameplay mechanics. Or at the very least more 8-bit variations on amazing pieces of music. Pretty please?

You are so nice!! <3 thank you! You just made my day... and my month :D comments like yours are really appreciated. I hope I have the time to make some more games soon :) I'll definitely check next jams!! :D and thank you for your donation, it means a lot to me :)


Nice game, but it  needs a "come on TARS" button that says "come on TARS" in a crusty low-fi sound sample.

Finally got it, loved this. Wonderful idea and the motion was very smooth. The music and the speed really matched what happens in the film. Great game!

I finally did it!  Amazing little game, great job capturing the feel of the scene, it was exhilarating to actually accomplish it!  Only thing I wish happened was to see the thing actually connect and see it rotating with the ring :D

This was a brilliant idea for a game. You guys did well with making a simple idea into fun ride. It's actually a lot of fun trying to match speeds like this. Also was a lot of fun realizing I'm a crappy pilot. I think my crew hates me...

I've tried so much, but now I'm just debris...

Hahahahaha that was hilarious!! I loved it! :D

Also, I noticed the performance on your PC was really bad!! I guess that's due to the recording software + my game running on browser (it's not as smooth as it should be when playing on HTML5. The Windows exe file works a lot better)

But maybe I can try to fix that. I'll see what can I do to improve performance on web browsers.

Thank for playing and for the feedback ^^ I laughed a lot!

I'm glad you had fun watching me play!

At least I can blame the performance for my failure :P


hahaha it's updated now to perform better on web browsers :P so now there's no excuses!

It's fantastic. Simple but very entertaining. The 8 bits music fit so well and the controls reflects the tension of the scene. Maybe it's too dificult, I couldn't do it. TARS help me!!!

beatiful game. congrats :)





Fantastic game! This was such a well designed one! I might say that it's sliightly too difficult- if it hadn't been for sheer determination and stubbornness, I'm not sure I would have done it XD But it's such a good game! The music for it is phenomenal! Thank you so much for making this!

Very good. I've played 15-20 times and still no luck! I was a few pixels away and then the dock slipped away from me. The challenge is enjoyable and a little bit addictive though.

It would be great if there was an arrow at the start. I had no idea where the station was and flew off into space a few times.

I did it! Very difficult, but maintains a lot of the tension of the movie! And I love the 8-bit version of No Time for Caution.

One tip: I think that you may have written "Interstellar" into the noun section of the game form. I think that's only meant for when your software is considered something other than a game (eg, "It's not a *game*, it's an *art piece*"). Usually it should be left blank.

Thank you! You are right xD I changed it. I'm still learning to use :P

Oh, and congratulations!! I made this game really hard to beat it!

Favorite movie love this game so much!

Thank you for your kind words <3

Really nice atmosphere! But it is very hard to finish, I haven't managed yet!

-It's not possible.

-No, it's necessary.

* -Matthew Mcconaughey-  -Docking Scene- *